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Ukas Testing 6934

UKAS 6934

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by the government, to assess against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

Our Testing Laboratory Accreditation covers analysis for asbestos fibre identification in bulk material samples, air sampling & fibre counting, and 4-stage clearance procedures.

Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators. In short, UKAS ‘checks the checkers’. UKAS is a non-profit-distributing private company, limited by guarantee. UKAS is independent of Government.

UKAS accreditation provides an assurance of the competence, impartiality and integrity of conformity assessment bodies.

Ukas Testing 6934

UKAS 4640

Our Inspection Body Accreditation (or Surveying Accreditation) covers all types of survey in all sectors, specifically:
  • Management Surveys
  • Refurbishment Surveys
  • Demolition Surveys
  • Re-inspection Surveys

Within the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates our competence, impartiality and performance capability. 


Construction Line

Constructionline is the UK’s most connected and progressive provider of procurement and supply chain management services, they make contracting simpler and help customers achieve more.

They build value from beginning to end in the supply chain and procurement cycle, making it easy for their customers to optimise performance, minimise risk and realise opportunities.

Not only do they collect, verify and monitor standard company information through a bespoke question set that is aligned to PAS 91:2013, the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by BSI to reduce duplication within the construction industry, but they also offer a range of allied services and opportunities, all designed to assist their clients in their day to day activities.

Relationship with SSIP
Constructionline is a founder member of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP).

SSIP was developed to alleviate the need for construction companies to undergo multiple stage one Health and Safety assessments. The scheme acts as an umbrella body to facilitate mutual recognition between different health and safety schemes.

Construction companies that sign up to an SSIP scheme can be confident that they are fully accredited to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

Acclaim Accreditation

Acclaim Accreditation

Acclaim Accreditation specialises in the award of SSIP certification. The scheme is backed and quality assured by Supplier Assessment Services Ltd.



CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

CHAS is a founder member and past Chair of Safety Schemes in Procurement – Competence Forum or SSIP.

Background: In 1997 a group of health and safety and procurement professionals from across Great Britain worked with the Association of London Government (ALG) to develop CHAS. In 2001 CHAS became a web-based system.

CHAS started with two main aims.

  • To improve health and safety standards across Great Britain.
  • To reduce duplicated safety applications for both suppliers and buyers.

CHAS Management:
CHAS 2013 Ltd is a private limited company owned by the London Borough of Merton. The CHAS Board of Directors, headed by the Director of Corporate Services, oversee the operations of CHAS managed by the CHAS Client Support Manager and the CHAS Business Development Manager. CHAS is based at the Civic Centre in Morden and can be contacted on 0208 5453838.

British Safety Council

British Safety Council

The British workplace is far safer than it was in the 1950s. No organisation has worked as tirelessly as the British Safety Council to make it that way.

Their founder James Tye was an evangelical campaigner who helped transform the British way of life. His efforts led directly to the groundbreaking 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as to the introduction of car seat belts.

Excellent Health and Safety standards are now a legal requirement in every aspect of British life.

In 2004 BSC became a government-regulated awarding organisation and have since developed a full suite of health and safety qualifications in the national framework. With their involvement in the Olympics, they were granted the official status of Supplier of health and safety training and consultancy services (ODA) to the London 2012 Games.

Their job is to help professionals achieve high standards; to protect both their staff and the future of their business. 

Mates in Mind

Mates In Mind

Omega are very proud members of Mates in Mind.  Our Gary McKendrick has had his own share of conquering his demons, in fact, the birth of Omega stemmed from his desire to wanting a more fulfilling life and ultimately overcoming his issues with anxiety and addictions. His story and transformation has actually led to him talking about it for mental health charities, recovery organisations, and wellbeing events.  Ask him about it and he’ll share his story.

Mates in Mind aims to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and promote positive mental wellbeing in construction and related industries across the UK.

They are led by and for industry, in partnership with the Health in Construction Leadership Group and the British Safety Council, along with other leading organisations and charities such as Mind, Samaritans and Mental Health First Aid England.

Mates in Mind helps to make sense of available options and support for employers to address mental health within the workplace.

When Mates in Mind was launched in 2017, their charity work was rooted in improving mental health across the construction industry.

Since then, their success in transforming the mental health cultures of the workplace across the sector have gained recognition in new sectors. As a result of this, they have expanded their framework and branding to include workers and organisations who may not necessarily be hard-hat wearers in the construction industry.

We at Omega believe this is a great cause which deserves our attention, support and efforts in making a difference.



The National Organisation of Asbestos Consultants (NORAC) is the leading independent trade association in the UK for the asbestos testing, surveying and consultancy services sector.

NORAC represents Asbestos Consultancy Professionals and is not linked to the Asbestos Removal industry at all.

NORAC was established in 2011 to independently represent the interests of asbestos testing and consultancy specialists and is committed to working together and raising standards.

NORAC has gained credibility with the HSE, UKAS and all those concerned with raising standards of the asbestos industry.

Environment Agency

Environment Agency

Omega are a registered waste carrier.  This covers asbestos but also general building materials waste which we may produce by nature of conducting Refurb or Demo surveys.

The Environment Agency were established in 1996 to protect and improve the environment.

Within England, the EA are responsible for:

  • regulating major industry and waste
  • treatment of contaminated land
  • water quality and resources
  • fisheries
  • inland river, estuary and harbour navigations
  • conservation and ecology

They are also responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea.

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