A survey is only the first step, an AMP will move you closer to full compliance

What is an Asbestos Management Plan and What Should it Include?

When you are responsible for managing a property or properties and are termed the Duty Holder, as part of satisfying Regulation 4 (duty to manage) an Asbestos Management Plan is required; but if you don’t have the relevant experience, it can feel like a daunting task.

The good news is; with a little help from you we can write a client specific one for you.

We’ll even provide an asbestos policy for free

Asbestos Management Plans (AMP) provide details of how the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) within buildings, identified or presumed, are to be managed after an Asbestos Survey has been undertaken. The AMP should include:

  • Strategy for Compliance
  • Details of Asbestos Register(s)
  • Personnel and Their Responsibilities
  • Re-inspection and Monitoring Arrangements
  • Training Arrangements
  • Implementation of Asbestos Procedures
  • Communication Arrangements
  • Monitoring and Reviewing the Asbestos Management Plan
  • Emergency Procedures

An Asbestos Policy should be in place to partner your AMP which are your day to day procedures. The Policy will be a brief but clearly documented stance that is maintained by good use of the AMP ensuring you continue to work strategically towards objectives and/or compliance. In short, the AMP will provide a comprehensive method of how a policy is to be carried out and define courses of action to meet planned objectives.

Please complete the information on the form.

Is this for a single site or a group of sites?

Do you agree to provide relevant company staff with Asbestos Awareness/Management Training annually?

Do you agree to monitor your known/presumed Asbestos risks annually by way of a competent Asbestos Re-inspection Survey?

Do you agree to risk assess all works on site and ensure a suitable Asbestos Survey has been undertaken ahead of such works?

Do you agree to arrange for Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys for intrusive works as required for proposed project work?

Do you agree to review the competence/training of your supply chain and also allow them access to your Asbestos records?

Do you agree to use only competent contractors for Asbestos Removal works?

Do you agree to review this Asbestos Management Plan annually?

Our AMP’s start from £150.
On submission of your details, we will review and let you know the cost for your AMP


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