Our Vision & Values

Our Vision:

We are the most trusted brand of experts in asbestos consultancy

We improve standards, we raise the bar, we are leaders

We make a positive impact and help save lives

We are a company that works for everyone

Our Values:

A = Accuracy

B = Belonging

C = Communication

D = Development

E = Experience

Accuracy – we work with personal pride, professionalism, attention to detail and with habitual standards of excellence in everything we do.

Belonging – we are a team, a company of people who believe in what we’re creating. We are a family who each play a vital part and together we are stronger than our individual parts.  We support each other, our clients, our suppliers and our community.

Communication – we talk, we listen, we pursue understanding, clarity and direction. We are open, honest, friendly and respectful. We seek feedback and understand both compliments and criticism are vital for learning.

Development – we always improve and drive change through the development of our people, our processes and our results. We understand innovation and evolution are natural.   We have a high-performing culture but also understand we can always do better.

Experience – we create and deliver a positive memorable experience for all at every touchpoint; for ourselves, our clients, our suppliers and our community. We give a warm welcome, solve a problem well and bid a fond farewell until the next time.  We feel good and leave our clients feeling good.

If we should ever fall out of alignment with our values, then we stop, review and make decisions to re-align and move forward which means we’ve learned, we’re wiser, we’re better and we’re back on track.      


Wellsprings Business Centre, Durham Road West,
Bowburn, Durham DH6 5AU

TEL: 0191 377 0900    EMAIL: info@omega-asbestos.co.uk


AYE House
Admiralty Park
Fife  KY11 2YW

Tel: 01383 630 633


Office 7
35-37 Ludgate Hill
London  EC4M 7JN

Tel: 020 3745 9720