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Asbestos Awareness is an area which is unfortunately weak for many people and organisations.  With over 100,000 people dying globally every year and over 5000 of these in the UK, it is clear that prevention is the cure here. If we stop people breathing in asbestos fibres, we save lives.

That is why there is a legal duty to provide asbestos awareness training.

Education and Training are a crucial part of the process of managing asbestos and preventing exposure. You could have the best management survey in the world and a well written Asbestos Management Plan but if your staff do not know where it is, how to use it, what it means, what processes to follow, how to control building/installation works, then your management system is very weak.

Your asbestos awareness training should also consider your supply chain. A common mistake is to focus on internal staff only and overlook your supply chain and site visitors.  These visitors are more likely to disturb asbestos so should not be forgotten about.

Are you confident that all 3rd party visitors / tradesmen to your buildings hold valid awareness training? Or are you opening the door to guests who are at a higher risk of disturbing asbestos?

If you are in the building trades: are you and your staff knowingly attending sites armed with very little or no information on asbestos in your work areas? You have a legal duty to carry out a risk assessment for asbestos so you need to know the correct processes to follow.

Omega can ensure that you are fully compliant and that your staff and your supply chain are up to date and hold valid training.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us for a FREE compliance review. 

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