The boss (ie the Wife) recently employed the services of a new cleaner.

It’s not lazy before you say it; it’s outsourcing and freeing our time and avoiding something we both don’t like.

So this cleaning company was recommended, a great start.

They’re a husband and wife team, a bit weird I initially thought but you know, let’s just go with a quote visit.

They turned up on time; they looked smart; they spoke well; they were pleasant people. We liked them.

They followed up with a formal quote when they said they would.

Their price wasn’t the cheapest but that’s fine by me, I don’t buy solely on price.

So now, once a week, Amy & Rob, they come in and blitz our house. They’re impressive.

And they have never once asked us “How clean do you want it?”

Because clean is, well, it’s clean!

This got me thinking about our beloved asbestos industry and why is it that some, not all, but some, always ask the Analyst on every job:

“How clean do you want it?”

Like asbestos removal has some sort of vast flexibility range in what is deemed acceptably clean.

No, clean is clean.

And it gets even worse with demolition jobs.

“It’s demo mate, you don’t need to be so picky”

– Oh, okay then, we’ll just allow people to be exposed and contaminate the land then.  Because it’s just demo.

And it’s worse within heavy industry and the shipping industry.

The more complex and high risk the work is, some think there’s a proportionate drop in the required standards of cleanliness.

This is so illogical it hurts my brain.

Yet so many Removal Supervisors and Operatives ask the legendary question “How clean do you want it?”

Or “Can you come in and do a ‘pre-visual’ inspection just to let us know your standard of cleanliness”.

A ‘pre-visual’ is just a made up term by those who want it to happen.

Just like an ‘environmental clean’. Another excuse for poor standards “It’s just an environmental clean”.

No, it’s asbestos removal of XYZ, be it dust/debris or the complete ACM.

So the HSE don’t want to see Analysts going into live enclosures to do this made up task of a ‘pre-visual’.

The HSE don’t want to see Analysts carry out actual fine cleaning works; no wire brushing, or scraping or vaccing.

This is the job of the employees of the removal company and their Supervisor to carry out his own inspection of the standard of cleanliness.

Clients should ask to see these certificates too. As well as the Analysts 4-stage clearance paperwork.

Removal Contractors appointing their own Analysts is also frowned upon by the HSE.

Removal Contractors only doing a 4-stage clearance at the end of the job is not good enough.

I’m not saying every job needs constant attendance by an Analyst, they don’t, but you certainly need to consider air testing before and during the works, not just after the event.

Especially in an operational building or where asbestos is a particularly sensitive issue.

Let’s just get everyone more involved with, and being more meaningful with the smoke test, the air tests before, during and after and keeping it CLEAN.


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