Our Gary also helps others by way of Business Coaching and Motivational Speaking. Having once been crippled with fear over public speaking, he talks about overcoming our limited beliefs in ourselves and the thinking and doing habits behind creating a happy and successful life.

In June 2017, he spoke to students at Tyne Met College in Newcastle and was very well received. Tracy O’Neill, Learning Mentor said:

“Wow! Our learners were so impressed, as too were the staff regarding your speech today. The learners related to your real personal life story and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. All feedback was positive with some very rewarding comments regarding your motivation and enthusiasm. We would like to say thank-you so much for your visit Gary and for sharing your valuable time with our learners.

If possible we would be greatly appreciative to welcome you back in the new academic year for our new cohort of learners.

Many thanks once again, I am positive by reading the learners comments that you have inspired quite a few from the group today to be more self-motivated to achieve. Well Done!”

Tyne Metropolitan College

Tyne Metropolitan College

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